Taylored Workwear



Taylored Workwear Ltd feels very strongly & passionate about the embroidery service they offer to their clients.

Embroidery enhances the garment & also promotes a company name/logo, it also helps to identify the wearer, especially for house hold & company deliveries.

The majority of our clients require some form of embellishment on their garments, this can range from simple text to very intricate designs, fuel tankers, trucks, plant equipment, vans etc.
We require the client to provide us with a clear jpeg image of which we then digitally format, this enables an embroidery machine to read the pattern & colours which are loaded to the machine via a qualified operator.

Once the design has been formatted we run a test swatch of the design on fabric of a similar colour back ground to what our client requires and in the colours of which have been supplied.
This allows our client to see a real life version of what they can expect on thier garments, it allows for amendments to the design or colours before their order goes into full production.
Taylored Workwear Ltd is always happy to discuss any enquiries that any of our clients or potential clients have.

We offer a large selection of clothing and accessories available from our online Brochure.